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Carolís Parrot Place is a small nursery located in the southwest metro  of Minneapolis, MN.  We are an affiliate of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization which has more than 200 members and has served thousands of satisfied customers since 1989.

When you purchase a baby bird from us, you are invited to our home for weekly visits so you and your baby can bond before you bring him/her home.  If visits arenít possible, we will send you weekly updates and pictures of your babyís progress.

After you take your baby home, we remain available to you for support in training and nurturing him/her.  Our desire is to help reduce the need for parrot re-homing by educating our customers and providing continued support.  We want to be sure you have a rewarding, life-long relationship with your parrot.

When you purchase one of our birds, we are here for you for as long as you own your bird.



Carolís Parrot Place is an official member and an active supporter of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization.  Only authorized and certified affiliates are legally allowed to display this stamp of approval.

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